THE WRITER'S JOURNEY by Christopher Volger

You’re going to tread some pretty deep water when you step into the pages of The Writer’s Journey. The author, Christopher Vogler, does a good job of playing this up to the hilt too, just like Joseph Campbell did in his day. But think about it, both of these men promise to tell you the secrets of storytelling, tapping into the oldest storylines that have been repeated over and over again since the dawn of time. Like I said, it’s pretty heavy stuff.

If you’ve read C.G. Jung’s Man and His Symbols you’ll know what I’m talking about. You might also be of the opinion that it’s a lot of bunk. I caution you against that sort of thinking because I held much the same belief at one point and ended up beating my head against the proverbial rock of ages and have now come back to the mountain seeking wisdom.